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3 Care Therapeutics is a new company with deep roots in the nutrition industry. Our Norwegian omega-3 manufacturing partner has been producing the world’s finest fish oil products for over 20 years and is one of the only companies in the world that has a pharmaceutical-grade licensed facility. Our omega-3 formulas are consistently pure and great-tasting, and the levels of active ingredients are accurately expressed. Like all fish oil-derived products (cod liver oil being the only exception), our raw material is a byproduct of the South Pacific fishing industry. The byproducts of fish caught in the deep, cold, clean ocean depths off the coasts of Chile and Peru are sent to Bratvag, Norway, where they are converted into the world’s finest medicinal omega-3 fatty acids.

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Our management team combines four decades of experience increating efficacious, safe, professional-grade nutraceutical formulas.The entire team at 3 Care Therapeutics is pleased and honored to provide your clinic with the finest natural therapeutics available so that you can make a tremendous impact on the health of your patients.
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Our friendly sales staff is eager to help you find the nearest retailer, or to help you grow your bottom line a little by making our products available to your customers. Place an order online if you are a reseller, or contact our sales staff to learn about where to find products from 3 Care Therapeutics. 3 Care Therapeutics offers a full line of professional grade omega-3 fish oil options and companion nutritional formulations designed for maximum efficacy and patient compliance. Our formulas are only available through health care professionals and bring your patients the best quality and value available.

We offer health professionals a complete line of premium-quality omega-3 fish oil formulas that are custom-made to the highest possible standards by our Norwegian manufacturing partner, Napro Pharma. The Norwegian factory is one of the few in the world that is pharmaceutically licensed for its exceptional production methods and technology. All 3 Care omega-3 formulas are guaranteed by third-party purity analysis to be free of environmental toxins and microorganisms.
We value you as a customer and take your privacy very seriously. The information we collect from you will be used solely for the purpose of tracking and fulfilling your orders, and to reward your loyalty. We want you to feel safe while shopping at our site and to do this, we pledge two things:

1. We do NOT store credit card information anywhere in our system. The transactions are processed directly by the banks involved through our secure servers.

2. We will never sell your information to anyone.